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Our students

Congratulations, Kevin and Ryan! 

Kevin and Ryan have been with MathRover for 5 years. They are exceptional students with strong collaboration and problem-solving skills. Both are executive members in their school's Math Club, where they teach interesting concepts outside of the Ontario Curriculum. Kevin tutors peers as a Math Senior Scholar while Ryan creates programming workshops for over 100 members as a Computer Science Club executive. Their excellence is also reflected in their many Waterloo CEMC Contest achievements.

CCC Senior 2020 Honour Roll, CCC Junior 2019 Distinction, CSMC 2020 Distinction, CSMC 2019 Distinction, Fermat 2020 Distinction, Cayley 2019 Distinction, Pascal 2018 Distinction, Gauss 2017 Distinction


CSMC 2020 Honour Roll, CSMC 2019 Honour Roll, Euclid 2019 Distinction, Fermat 2020 Honour Roll, Cayley 2019 Distinction, Pascal 2018 Distinction, Galois 2019 Honour Roll, Fryer 2018 Honour Roll


Math Contests

Congratulations, Jasmine, Ryan, Kevin, Edison and other students for obtaining the Global Honor Roll for the Waterloo Mathematics Contest and Computer Contest. They were in the top 5% of global results!

Congratulations to Adila, George, Murray, Ella, and other students for participating in the Caribou math contest all the year round, and achieving excellent results.

Please see our Blog for more updates on student achievements!


AP & IB Admissions

80% of students who have studied Grade 8 with MathRover for more than one year have received admission notices from AP and IB programs.

Academic Achievement

90% of students have an average of 90-95 points throughout their 4 year high school career, and 80% have achieved 95-100 points.


Post-Graduate Success

High school graduates who studied with us have received numerous offers and scholarships from acclaimed universities across North America. Graduates have entered well-respected programs, some of which are Computer Science, Engineering, Mathematics, Statistics, Actuarial Science, Business, Biology, Life/Health Science and Medical Science. 

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