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The Key to Success

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What MakeS Us Different?

Our teaching values are unique because we encourage a symbiotic relationship between our establishment, our teachers and our students. We foster a collaborative learning space whenever a new student joins us. This is done through our group chats that include both students and parents.  In these chats, parents can learn along with their children and keep them accountable when it comes time for tests and assignments. Students are free to discuss any school, homework, or concept-related questions with our teachers, who are always available.


This philosophy creates a sense of community, where everyone feels supported and included. One could say that rather than singular lines of communication, our full transparency with parents and students transforms our linear lines into a three-dimensional plane of communication (math pun intended)! 

As our remarkable students grow into wise young adults, the positive experiences they gained from being in this tight-knit community bring them back to us. Many of our graduating and graduated students express interest in giving back to the MathRover community by taking on the role of teacher.

About Us

At MathRover, we believe that every student has the potential for excellence—our aim is to help them realize that potential.

Mathematics is essential to developing student’s logical thinking. The ability to think logically is the foundation for success in any subject or field.

MathRover provides math courses that cover grades 1 to 12. We also provide intensive courses that train students for various math competitions, including the AMC and Waterloo contests.

Though our courses employ the Ontario Curriculum as a foundation so that students can excel in school, MathRover goes far beyond school expectations. Our curriculum has an advantage because they are designed using the national education curriculums of various outstanding countries, including China, the United States and Singapore. With MathRover, students will observe a steady improvement in their ability to critically think because of a focus on understanding and logical thinking rather than repetition and memorization.

Contact Us

2155 Dunwin Drive, Unit 26, Mississauga, ON

Phone: 647-551-1818

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